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Buy with confidence from T. Jays Beads

I have worked in retail for just under twenty years. In that time I have sold many products and I learned very quickly not to sell a product that I do not like or believe in. Working for other businesses made that difficult as I had little control over what I sold. During my time working as a travel agent, I was encouraged to sell certain brands, however, if this did not meet my customers needs I would go against protocol and sell another brand – the right product for the customer.

I stick to the same philosophy when sourcing products for T. Jays Beads. I believe that all of our beads are absolutely gorgeous and they are of high quality. I only deal with real gemstones as I am mesmerised by their natural beauty and appreciate the different properties and powers that each stone possesses. I am confident that when you buy beads from T. Jays Beads, you will love them 🙂

I have tried various suppliers and there have been times that I have not been happy with the quality or another aspect of beads supplied. I will not sell beads I am unhappy with. There have been a few occasions (not many) where I have had feedback about issues with beads. I always resolve these quickly and these have influenced whether I have sourced this bead again. For example, I used to stock beautiful white plated hematite beads but on posting them to customers the bubble wrap was not protecting the beads and they were arriving chipped. I decided to stop selling these as I could not guarantee they would arrive in usable condition.

I would like to assure you that you can buy from us with confidence. We offer a quick, honest and efficient service and are always open to feedback from you.

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Cabochon Size Guide

Cabochons, also known as cabs, are gemstones that are domed on one side and flat on the other.

The following is a guide to help you choose your cabochon size depending on the type of jewellery you are creating:

  Oval/Drop Round
Bracelets  14x10mm  – 30x22mm  13mm – 25mm
Earrings  8x6mm – 18x13mm  13mm – 18mm
Pendants  18x13mm – 40x30mm  18mm – 30mm
Rings  10x8mm – 25x18mm  6mm – 13mm

You may prefer other sizes for your individual creation; the above is meant as a guide only.


5 Must Have Gemstone Beads

1. Lapis Lazuli 

Lapis is known for its intense blue colour and has been a favourite amoung royalty throughout history. As such, it is viewed as a regal stone. Today, Lapis is still a popular and sought after stone. With its deep colour and pyrite inclusions, this is a an eye-catching, semi precious gemstone. Mix with white or silver to enhance its beauty.

2. Amethyst

This stone is the traditional birthstone of February. Used in ancient times for protection and to prevent intoxication, Amethyst has always been treasured. There are various colours you can combine with Amethyst depending on the look you are trying to achieve and the shade of Amethyst that you are working with. Greens such as Serpentine or Jade work well with Amethyst. We feature New JadeOliven Jade and Prehnite all of which are forms of serpentine. Amethyst can also be matched with neutral colours such as blacks or whites for a sophisticated look.

3. Black Onyx 

The mystical birthstone of December, Black Onyx is a weighty stone that can have band patterns in it. Black Onyx is known for its strength as a healing stone and for removing negativity.Black Onyx is a great choice in gemstone due to its versatility. It matches everything so you can choose to mix it with any gemstone. Black Onyx is great in everyday jewellery but also perfect when used in more elegant pieces.

4. Jasper

One of the traditional birthstones of March, Jasper was a choice gem in the ancient world. It comes in virtually any colour. Some Jasper stones have alluringly intricate patterns. This makes Jasper a stone that does not need to be combined much else. Jasper can be used for unique pieces that will stand out and add a touch of flavour.

5. Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye is a favourite among the protective stones. It is also known to have healing and clearing properties. Similar to Jasper, Tiger Eye is a naturally patterned stone. With shades ranging from golden yellows to deep reds, and with stripes in shimmering golds and browns, the warm tones in Tiger Eye make this a must have gemstone bead. Tiger Eye has a standalone beauty; however it can be stunningly matched with shades of green.

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Red Coral Beads

Red Coral Beads

Red coral is species of marine coral that grow on rocky sea bottom, normally in dark environments such as crevices. It’s skeletons are harvested and polished for jewellery. Red coral is deep red to pale pink in colour.

The Romans believed that red coral could protect children from harm. The Egyptians used coral in their tombs as they believed it would ward off evil spirits.

Coral is said to absorb negative energy. It represents joy and happiness enabling the wearer to enjoy life.

The vibrant colour of red coral beads would be beautiful for your jewellery creations. You can find red coral puffy coins and chip beads in our eBay and Etsy stores. For our lowest prices find red coral beads on our website here.

Red Coral Beads

T. Jays Beads Website


We have created a website for our gemstone beads and findings.

T Jays Beads features all of the beautiful gemstone beads that we sell on eBay and Etsy.

We offer free UK shipping and as always we ship worldwide.

You will receive the same great service by ordering through our site AND you will receive a better price.

Please bare with us as we are still constructing the site, therefore not all of our gemstone beads and findings have been listed. You will however be able to purchase any of the items already listed.

We look forward to see you on our new site soon!

Our New Etsy Store!

We are quite excited to now be on Etsy. We noticed some stunningly beautiful jewellery pieces on Etsy which pushed us to open a store with all of our jewellery making items.

Our store name is T. Jays Beads and we have gemstone beads and jewellery making findings available. Standard shipping is available in the UK and worldwide, with express delivery available on request at an additional cost.

Please bear with us as we are still adding all of our items 🙂 You can visit our store here.

Tibetan Toggle Bead Clasps

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We now have Tibetan toggle bead claps available in our eBay store with free UK shipping. International shipping is also available. Watch this space as we will be introducing more jewellery making findings over the next few days. You can find all of our Tibetan toggle clasps here.

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