I have worked in retail for just under twenty years. In that time I have sold many products and I learned very quickly not to sell a product that I do not like or believe in. Working for other businesses made that difficult as I had little control over what I sold. During my time working as a travel agent, I was encouraged to sell certain brands, however, if this did not meet my customers needs I would go against protocol and sell another brand – the right product for the customer.

I stick to the same philosophy when sourcing products for T. Jays Beads. I believe that all of our beads are absolutely gorgeous and they are of high quality. I only deal with real gemstones as I am mesmerised by their natural beauty and appreciate the different properties and powers that each stone possesses. I am confident that when you buy beads from T. Jays Beads, you will love them 🙂

I have tried various suppliers and there have been times that I have not been happy with the quality or another aspect of beads supplied. I will not sell beads I am unhappy with. There have been a few occasions (not many) where I have had feedback about issues with beads. I always resolve these quickly and these have influenced whether I have sourced this bead again. For example, I used to stock beautiful white plated hematite beads but on posting them to customers the bubble wrap was not protecting the beads and they were arriving chipped. I decided to stop selling these as I could not guarantee they would arrive in usable condition.

I would like to assure you that you can buy from us with confidence. We offer a quick, honest and efficient service and are always open to feedback from you.

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